27 March 2006

website updates and Spring show

So, I've been quiet on here because I've been paying my neglected website some attention. It's still in progress, don't think that'll ever stop, but check it out. I'm adding new images and writing soon. I am super thrilled with the work Kathy has done on the design.

Here's a sneak preview of some work that will soon be appearing on the site . . .

Yerba Buena in Miami

Gusman Theater Post

Door in Santiago de Cuba

And, my work will also be in a show next weekend. Here's the invite:

08 March 2006

lost and found

I was doing some photo filing, and I came across this image. It was taken during the making of project/kria. That's me there in the background, and Lissette in the front. What an awesome experience to have such wonderful people help me to create images which had haunted me. Just wanted to share one from the archival lost and found.

The series that became of this private performance are the visual outpourings of a "near car accident." A piece of road debris flew up from the pavement on the highway and catapulted through my windshield. Luckily, it lodged itself on the dash, and I was okay. Needless to say, I was shaken. For weeks, everytime I closed my eyes, I saw flashes of the photographs I needed to create. There are several times when I have had such clear ideas of what I needed to do, and this was one of them. Within 3 weeks of the incident, the project was complete. My intention was to create the visions that I had; only later on did I complete an analysis of the symbology and name the piece.

Looking for a Forum

The panel takes place on Thursday, April 6th, 7 to 8:30 pm, at the Miami Beach Regional Library auditorium, 227 22nd Street, Miami Beach. Mark your calendars!

Looking for a Forum:
Art bloggers and artists on writing art and culture in Miami


The impact of blogging and online communication on critical discourse around art and culture in Miami—why is it significant?
How writing about the art of a community helps create that community’s sense of itself—or does it? Including comparisons between print vs. web formats
Addressing and identifying the different arts sub-communities in the city
Cross-pollination—how blogs are creating a space where people in the same city interact who might never do so in real life
Bloggers’/writers’ role in documenting the local art scene
Blogs as artistic infrastructure
Accessibility issues – are there barriers to participation in these conversations?

Franklin Einspruch, Artblog.net
Alesh Houdek, Critical Miami
KH, The Next Few Hours
Onajide Shabaka, Miami Art Exchange
Alfredo Triff, Tu Miami Blog

Moderator: Helen L. Kohen, Director of the Vasari Project and Art Critic Emeritus for The Miami Herald

Organized by Denise Delgado, Curator, Miami Dade Public Library System

07 March 2006

Do you know tea?

Well, it appears that even though I thought I was well versed in tea, I didn't get 100%! Humph. I better keep drinking, and try again. Check out the Tea Association's website and try the tea test for yourself. Let me know how you score.