28 June 2006

H.O.P.E for Darfur

H.O.P.E for Darfur
is part of Human Rights First. The acronym stands for Help Organize a Peace Envoy.

These pendants are courtesy of the artist, Janna Weinstein, who has created and donated these pieces to Hope for Darfur. Each one is $50, and the site explains that 80% of the profit will go directly towards the campaign for peace in Darfur.

Take a minute or two and browse the site, sign the petition and learn more about another tragic moment in our history. Buy a necklace and make your outward "never again" statement. That statement does not only apply to the Jewish Holocaust, it means that NEVER AGAIN should we, as people living in comfort, sit idle as people are suffering and dying around the world.

I like that they are using art as activism. It is huge that this artist is donating her time to create all of these pendants. Leave a comment when you receive yours - maybe send a photo!

27 June 2006

Tracked: Performance Installation - Almost here!

I've gotten some great response to my performance installation which is opening next week. I'm working on the invitation and submitting info for the press release. Here's a sneak peak at the invite.

21 June 2006

Tap me on my shoulder, and tell me . . .

that my plane bound for home has arrived. - paraphrased quote from Richard Blanco, poet and civil engineer

I was struck by his precise descriptions about home, place, identity and being a poet. I have been trying to find the interview on NPR's site, so that I could listen to it again more carefully. While I was tempted to pull off to the side of the road to take notes, I made do by writing without looking.

He is a poet and a civil engineer who was born in Cuba, and lived in Miami for a while before living in Connecticut. I have been grappling with many of the ideas he spoke of in this interview, and had a long discussion about the issues with my hunny (who is from Trinidad). Blanco's new book is Directions to the Beach of the Dead. No time for fancy linking, just follow this link to read more about him and his work: http://www.richard-blanco.com/Directions_to_the_Beach_of_the_Dead.php .

For lack of time, and being bummed about not finding the interview, I will list some thoughts:

1- When you are exiled from the country where you were born, does your new city/country become your home?

2- What becomes of the place you called home, previously?

3 - What are the reasons people are exiled from a home country? And, why do some feel they can never go back? (politics, business, religion, sexuality)

4 - Is there some common feeling among exiles, such as an overall sense of displacement no matter where they live after leaving the home country?

5- While many people who leave Latin America and the Caribbean arrive in Miami, to what extent is Miami part of the Lat. Am/Caribbean imaginary?

6 - Can a new location ever replace, in the mind of the exile, the idea of home? Does anyone ever come to claim a new location as "home?" Does this relegate the country of birth to merely a place of origin, with no attachments?

7- To what extent does family ties in another country affect an exiles' ability to restablish "home" in a new location?

Any thoughts, from exiles or otherwise, I would love to hear your feedback.

12 June 2006

BabLar @ NYC Pride - Invitation

I received this evite from my subscription to Staceyann Chin's mailing list. I wish I was going to be in NYC later this month to support and join in on the action. Passing it along to all of you, in the hopes that someone will carry my spirit there. . . let me know . . .

Host: Marta, Andrea and Staceyann
Location: Pride March Starting Line5th Ave and 52nd Street, New York, NY View Map
When: Sunday, June 25, 12:00pm

Dear friends,

We would like to extend an invitation to all of you to march with a collective of Black and Latina Lesbians and our allies in the Annual New York City Gay Pride Parade on Sunday, June 25th 2006. This invitation is open to official or unofficial groups, organizations, and individuals who wish to march and support the issues that our collective will be highlighting on this day. For more information, please see BABLAR's (Black and Brown Lesbians against Racism) statement of intent which you should receive via email. If you are interested in marching or helping with this event, please respond to this e-mail indicating your particular interest. You may also send any inquiries to bablar2006@gmail.com. Feel free to circulate this e-mail to all who may be interested. HAPPY PRIDE! Marta, Andrea and StaceyannBabLar: Black and Brown Lesbians Against RacismWe are Black and Latina lesbians committed to highlighting issues of race and racism as they pertain to Black and Latina women, and girls, and how those issues are addressed in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Community.We begin with the premise that women, and therefore lesbians, are still OPPRESSED. As Black and Latina Lesbians, our issues are specific to us and simultaneously connected to the larger Black and Latino communities.It is the duty of the LGBT community to address issues affecting Black and Latina lesbian communities. Our issues are often invisible within the larger discourse about LGBTQ issues.

07 June 2006

Tracked - a performance installation

On July 4, 2006, I will present a performance installation, entitled Tracked at Art Center/South Florida’s window at 924 Lincoln Road. This piece will cost approximately $1160 to construct. I am reaching out to people that I know would support this type of artistic creation in our community. With your sponsorship, I will be able to bring this project to fruition. Below is a description of the project, and how you can help.

Tracked is a performance installation which seeks to address the way that people are tracked, traced, tapped and ultimately trapped by government and commercial surveillance. This site specific work consists of a wooden maze, vertically facing Lincoln Road. From the pedestrian mall, viewers will be able to watch as the artist crawls, climbs and attempts to navigate the maze. This navigation is akin to our movement in our everyday lives. Everywhere that we go – the grocery store, the gas station, a cafĂ© – we leave behind a trail which can detail the pattern of our lives. The trail is in the form of a credit card swipe, a telephone call, or a zip code given to a store clerk. In this constructed maze, the feeling of being trapped by this trail is heightened due to the space confinement. Using the body as part of this performance installation, viewers can connect on a personal level, and draw parallels to the way their own lives are tracked by a variety of sources. Tracked will open on July 4, 2006, at 7PM with a premier performance. It will run through July 18, 2006, with performances every Tuesday and Thursday at a TBD time.

How you can help: (send payment via paypal - donation button to the right)

Sponsorship ___$50 ___$100 ___$150 ___$200 $ _____(other)

How would you like to be recognized in the advertisements? (name or company name/logo)

If you have a logo, please send it to lara_steinpardo@hotmail.com.

I thank you for your support, and I look forward to seeing you at opening night. If you have any questions for me, please call 305-775-9683 or email. If you would like to speak with the Art Center, please contact Claire Breukel - 305-674-8278, or cbreukel@artcentersf.org.