31 October 2005

back to . . . well something

My family and I have checked out of the hotel we were using as our hurricane recovery zone. They got power back yesterday. I still don't have any. Lisa's place does, and so we're sleeping on her couch. Things could be worse, but they're not the most comfortable to say the least. Public schools are closed till Wednesday, and that's been my only saving grace. By Tuesday, I'll need to start getting ready to jump back on track to teach.

The Herald has had some good commentary articles on the divide between the haves and the have nots. I'll link some here for you to read. I definitely felt that distinct divide right away. While I was in the hotel room, overlooking the ocean, I was watching a television that explained it was a warzone outside. People waited hours for ice and water. There were lines forming in the middle of the night for gas stations that were rumored to have power. I'm so glad that Lisa always wants to be hyper-prepared. We each had full tank of gas, enough water to last us, oh, about 6 months, and plenty of dry goods. There was no way I ws going out there! I wondered about the people that were there . . . did they all really NEED to be there? Were they there because they got caught up in the frenzy? Did they understand that this supply was for people who could not have afforded, or were not able to provide this for themselves or their families? I don't think that was really explained.

Here is a link to one of Herald OpEd pieces: (try to find the links to the rest later . . . they were great)
  • Bush's Rejected Speech about Wilma
  • 28 October 2005

    Wilma, Wilma

    My family and I still have no power at home. Luckily, we are fortunate enough to have the means to stay in a hotel and eat out every meal. I can only imagine those people looking into their pantries to pull out white bread and beans, again!

    I have been going easy on the driving. I will not wait in a three hour line for overpriced gasoline.

    More later . . . off to pick up my sweetie.

    27 October 2005


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